Saturday, January 1, 2011

Prosit Neujahr! ;)

Hello 2011 n salam 1 Malaysia.. :p

jap, before kte mngarot pjg, kowg phm x per mkne title kat ats 2? klu x phm google tranlate yea.. hehe! :D

okey, i'm so honored to tell u guys that this is my 1st entry for this newly born year 2011. (poyo x ayat?) hehe!
i do did my wish list for this 2011. Its like we open the new book, its pages are blank and we are going to put words on them ourselves. the book is called "OPPORTUNITY'' and its 1st chapter is New Year's Day! grrrrr.. per bnd tah aku ngarot nie.. sowey~ :p 

My W.I.S.H.L.I.S.T

 >> I wanna be a very2 good daughter to my beloved parents, a better person for others and also become the best student for me myself.

>> I wish that i won't hurt anyone, and will only HEART ONE.

>> My priority is STUDY! hope to achieve all my dream. to finish my degree, get the ACCA and maybe master and also phd.. insyaallah.. (but now still mnjd penganggur yg berjaya yea) :p

I still have much more wishes but those above are in the top ranking. teheee~

owh, before i forget, just now i baked "something" as a new year dessert. it supposed to be like that but then i turned it into disaster, hahaha!

presenting, my 1st try homemade Puding Caramel, jeng3~

hahaha.. SILA JGN GELAK! :p 

agak2 nie kn, klu bakal mak mentua tgk mst kne reject awal2.. pity on me.. tssskkk~
hasil kat ats 2 menunjukkn bhawa sy mmg x layak utk kawen lg, hahaha! tp klu der makcik2 yg still bkenan nak amik jd menantu gak mmg sgt terharu lah.. *sigh*
but to be frank, it still taste good okey even look kind of messy there.. huhu! normal la 2 kot, 1st try kn.. next time i'll bake it gloriously okey.. ;) sape2 yg tingin nak rse sdap or x sila laa dtg kat umah yea, tp dah nak abih dah nie pown.. mndpt smbutan rmai.. hehe!

okey laa, I stop here, dah x larat nak mngarot. wishing u guy Happy New Year and good luck in ur future undertaking. may this new year bring no tear to any eye..^_~

till da next post. take care!!!


nadia said...

may ur wish cme true bby tin pkah!!! tkde wish nk kuar ngn tin nadia ker? hehhe

ateen fiqah said...

ada syg!!!
nnt yeah.. keyta g shopping sma2 lg.. ;)
thanx anyway.. n same goes to u.. gewd luck babe!

AChiK said...

ngn cik???haha.
caramel puding to cik pon pk nk buat tp xjd2 lg ney.tunggu spring break nnt la i tunggang tebalekkan dapur i tu. haha.
btw,best bc blog korg. byk crita. cik xdan nk update blog. tunggu after abes exam lah. nanti i kampoi habes semua crita2. bc taw!!haha