Friday, September 17, 2010


salam.. i'm back from a long raya friends.. :))
it sets to be a very2 great syawal this year.. went back to my opah's house.. raya gathering with my old schoolmates.. reunited with all BFF i haven't seen in awhile.. awesome!!!!!

at my lovely PINKY house.. hehe!!

gathering with my old schoolmates.. besssssstttttttt!! next year kta wuat lg taw.. ;)

a very memorable day.. luv u girls.. :)

when met them there will be non stop of laughing.. hee~ :D

it was so adorable moments.. hope to enjoy the rest of syawal.. 
Selamat Hari Raya guys.. Maaf Zahir n Batin!!!

p/s : raya sakan gle, x sedar diri mid-sem exam menanti.. huuu~ :((

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pre-Eid ul Fitri.. ;)

Salam readers...
Ramadhan gonna leave us soon (around 4 days) and Syawal will appear.. so, for this coming Syawal of course most of the Muslim have prepare lots of thing to celebrate it. (including me, hehe)

I just wanna share a short story about my pre-eid ul Fitri a.k.a preparation for HARI RAYA.. ^_^

1. Shopping2 raya with my ex-schoolmates. it was so exciting eventhough one incident had happen to one of my friend. but she just fine and still can smile laughing together although i know that inside her heart, she was very2 upset. huu~ (sabar jer la, dugaan bln puasa n maybe bkn rezeki dia) chill2!!

 when girls shopping. wee~

2. Going back to my hometown, yeay!!! 2nd September, 07.15, departed from LCCT to ALOR SETAR. ;)
after broke the fast with my friend @ KLLC

from KLCC went to LCCT.. ;)

3. Already at my hometown. so, it's time to shopping with my family.. (2nd round shopping) hehehe!!

effect drpd bosan tnggu along n acik pilih bju msing2, huu~

niat ati nak bli kasut raya, tp x jmpa yg bknan d ati.. tssskkk! :( 
anyway time nie tnggu along n acik carik kasut gak.. huh~

That's a little bit about my raya preparation. many things to do i.e kemas + bersihkn umah, 2kar langsir sgla bagai, wuat kueh raya (haha, buat kat kedai jer suma), sort of there still got lots of thing need to be cover. hmm.. i think i will stop here, next post might be about 1st Syawal.. weeee~ ;)
Enjoy our last week of Ramadhan, may Allah shower His countless blessing.. Amin!! tke cre~