Sunday, February 5, 2012

Girls' Day OUT!!!!!


I just had a lot of fun with my old friends a.k.a BFF sampai ke syurga last Wednesday. 
we went to Penang and loiter there for a day. hik3~ we visited Penang Botanical Garden or can be called as MONKEY Garden because once we arrived there, kami telah di"usher" oleh monkey2 yg sgt peramah. -.-

motif ke sana : semata-mata nak bergambar dan berjimba2 :D

percubaan pertama

percubaan kedua :)

kami ohseeemmmmmm :D

sempat ber"picnic" sebelum dikejar MONKEYYYYYYYYY *_*


sosor at the back busy choosing her new shoes while us busy camwhoring  :D

yeay~ sosor done with shopping! :D

last but not least

petite girl yang ohsem!!! :p

eventhough it just a short girls'-day-out, we were super duper enjoy and happy seeing each other after a longgggggggg time. uhuk~
till we meet again sweetheartsss.. do take care of yourselves and good luck in whatever you guys do. 
lebiuuuuuuu and mishiewwwww  much!!!