About Me


aloha!!! introducing u guys

i am a petite girl from Kedah, Malaysia. im an accounting student at International Islamic University Malaysia, and for sure i love to count especially when it comes to money. haha. im also a "good spender", in other word "shopaholic". teheeee~ PINK is my passion. almost all of my stuffs are pinksssssss! so sweat kn? hak3~

let me show u some of them..

someyyyy someyy kn semua nyewwwwww?? :p

apart from that, im the 2nd from 3 siblings and the only daughter in my family. i love my parents super duper much!! i am a friendly person but sometimes can be a very2 uncommunicative when it comes to blurr n blushful situation. hahaha! *poyok* nevertheless, do come n be friend with me so u will know me better.. ;)

u can call me ateen or fiqah.. kah3~ gle ayu+sopan santun pggl fiqah.. :p

lastly, thanx for visiting my blog yg x seberapa nie..
have a wonderful n blissful life yeah..
tke cre.. tata~ ^_^