Monday, January 24, 2011

Full of wonder


i just wondering, why we always thinking about getting something that we don't have instead of appreciate and be grateful with what we have and what we are now. hmm.. maybe it just not enough and we want more. some of us might think that the most important thing in life is MONEY. yeah, i admit it because nowadays without money we have nothing. but then it is not the most precious thing. in my personal view, we have a lot of precious thing in our life that we might not realize. 

1st thing : ALLAH
the term has no plural or gender. the one and only God, creator of the universe. having faith in Him can keep us close to Him until the end of time even though we know that He never leave us. 
 "God is the Creator of everything. He is the guardian over everything. Unto Him belong the keys of the Heaven and the earth." (39:62, 63)

2nd thing : Islam
our religion is also the precious in our life. i fell so grateful because i was born as a muslim.

3rd thing : Life
the life itself is very precious. without life we can't live as what we are living now. :)

4th thing : Mind
mind is the most wonderful gift for us. it differentiate human being from the other creation of Allah. we use mind to think. animals can't think like us, they just only have instinct. what shows that human can think? WE CHANGE! it shows that human can think. when we learn something new that knowledge fundamentally changes us.

5th thing : Senses 
have you ever think, how we are going to live without one of our senses? huhu! we just can feel how valuable are they when we lose them! if you think that money is more important why don't you just sell your eyes to a blind person for RM1 million each eye so that you can gain a lot of money from there. sigh~

6th thing : Health
if we have a billion of money but we don't have a good health, what will we do? of course we will spend all of our money to get the best treatment to recover rite? so that show how important the health rather than the money.

7th thing : Peace and freedom
does money can buy peace and freedom? if yes, why don't we buy some peace and freedom and give to the country that really need them like Palestine. huu~

8th thing : Family and friends
this is the precious thing that we don't want to lose. family and friends are really important for us, without them life will be meaningless. 

9th thing : Knowledge and skills
we need knowledge to build our skill. and with having a good knowledge we can have a good job and from that we can get the money. 

10th thing : Money and assets
at last, money comes. 

so after all those things above, do you think that money should be on the top of any of them? if so, that is your opinion. there is no right or wrong. this is my hierarchy based on my personal opinion. moral of the story is be grateful with what we have now and make use of it as efficient as we can.  money is important but then it wouldn't even a matter anymore when we die tomorrow, huhu! so don't obsess with money too much.
*waahh.. ayat per tah aku wuat nie, layan jer key* thanks for reading, till the next post!  ;)

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