Wednesday, January 5, 2011

visiting the sick..

salam frenz...

yesterday, i went to visit my old fren who had gone through an operation. she got problem with her ovary. huhu! pity on her.. the doctor said, there was nothing he can do except by removing that infected ovary. if not, her ovary will burst and it will become worst. luckily, only one ovary needed to be removed. alhamdulillah, she's doing fine. i don't know much about this disease so after came back from visiting her, i had searched through google what is actually "TWISTED OVARY". huhu! sounds scary rite gurls??

here are some information that i like to share with u guys about this disease :

The term “twisted ovary” describes an ovary which has twisted on itself, cutting off its own blood supply. It usually involves the Fallopian tube and ovary but it may involve the ovary alone. It can occur in women of all ages, but approximately 70-75% of cases occur in women under 30 years old. About 20% of all reported cases of twisted ovary are in pregnant women. Ovarian torsion usually arises in only one ovary at a time. But it can occur in both normal or enlarged ovaries and fallopian tubes, and occasionally develops in both. 

The signs and symptoms associated with twisted ovary are variable and nonspecific. Most patients present with severe lower abdominal and pelvic pain, nausea, and vomiting. The differential diagnosis could include appendicitis, gastroenteritis, ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease, and ruptured corpus luteum. Among adolescents, hemorrhagic ovarian cysts must also be considered. Laboratory tests are not helpful, because most signs and symptoms of ovarian torsion can be associated with leukocytosis. Ovarian torsion may also be a rare complication of IVF treatment. The overall risk is about 0.2%.

If not treated early enough the twisted ovary may die (gangrene). Treatment is surgery to untwist the ovary and even removing it sometimes. Laparoscopy is the gold standard for making the diagnosis and may allow treatment. If diagnosis is delayed, the torsion can worsen and cut off arterial blood flow into and venous blood flow out of the ovary. This results in necrosis (death) of the ovarian tissue. Delayed diagnosis can also result in problems when trying to conceive due to infertility.
While twisted ovary is an emergency and needs to be treated with urgent surgery, the ideal option is to maintain good general health and keep the internal organs in ship-shape condition. This can be done by consulting with a holistic medicine practitioner. He will take into consideration your physical condition, evaluate your emotional and mental health and line up a protocol for you to follow. This is effective and absolutely safe.

it would be great if we can take a prevention by having a healthy life style. insyaallah, we can avoid it. and lastly, i pray for my fren, hope that she will get well  very soon and can continue her study as usual. amin! u are such a very strong person gurl.. i can't imagine if  i was in the same situation as u.. i don't think i can be that strong.. huu~

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