Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jom Join!! 1st Giveaway Princess of Pink

Salam readers,

owh.. i've been tagged to join this cute contest by my cutey fren Fatin Nashwah.. ;)


organized by Miss Aisyah

and i would like to tag my pinky2 frens :
last thing is the pictures for this contest, my pinky stuff... ;)

my insanity.. :D

school stuff.. ;)

adorable one! lappy and headphone.. ;)

my pinky babe.. <3

mereka2 adalah sebahagian dprd idop sy.. ;)

DONE!!! thanx for visiting.. teheee~
p/s : i joined this contest just for fun, win or lose is not a matter.. so, to all my frens which had been tagged, if u guys interested do come n join this contest. yg x d tag pown if berminat sila lah yea.. still got time to join.. ;)


nadia said...

aww... hehe contest untuk geng2 pink ye.. hehe comel2..

ateen fiqah said...

hehe.. yup2..
sja ske2.. join laa tin.. :D

AChiK said...

alaa...cik xdak byk brg pink. colourful ada. tp ada jgk pink2 nya. haha