Sunday, January 30, 2011

Home made twister!


today's menu is TWISTER for my breakfast+lunch = brunch! hehe.. disebabkn sowg jer yg berada di umah during weekdays (in the morning) so slaluw makan seske ati jer utk breakfast nie. tp jarang amik breakfast, slaluw amik brunch trus jer because malas nak makan byk2 kali.. heee~ 
(sy mmg agak malas akhir2 nie yea) :p 

so ari nie kte makan twister yea.. xder laa mcm twister kat kfc 2, nie twister owg yg malas nak masak, hehe! just potong2 daging bg cumey2, msk dgn planta (mmg sgt ske gne planta sbb nnt bau die nyummy) and then roll kn die ngan telur. letak laa pape yg ptot kat dlm 2 supaya lbey nyummy n kenyang. sigh~

see, hasil keje tgn owg malas masak! :p

nak bg kenyang lg makan ngan potato wedges.. :D

mmg simple lg comot kn?? hehe! biar la, asalkn pwut kenyang n it taste gooooooooddd..~
sekian wassalam.. ;)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Full of wonder


i just wondering, why we always thinking about getting something that we don't have instead of appreciate and be grateful with what we have and what we are now. hmm.. maybe it just not enough and we want more. some of us might think that the most important thing in life is MONEY. yeah, i admit it because nowadays without money we have nothing. but then it is not the most precious thing. in my personal view, we have a lot of precious thing in our life that we might not realize. 

1st thing : ALLAH
the term has no plural or gender. the one and only God, creator of the universe. having faith in Him can keep us close to Him until the end of time even though we know that He never leave us. 
 "God is the Creator of everything. He is the guardian over everything. Unto Him belong the keys of the Heaven and the earth." (39:62, 63)

2nd thing : Islam
our religion is also the precious in our life. i fell so grateful because i was born as a muslim.

3rd thing : Life
the life itself is very precious. without life we can't live as what we are living now. :)

4th thing : Mind
mind is the most wonderful gift for us. it differentiate human being from the other creation of Allah. we use mind to think. animals can't think like us, they just only have instinct. what shows that human can think? WE CHANGE! it shows that human can think. when we learn something new that knowledge fundamentally changes us.

5th thing : Senses 
have you ever think, how we are going to live without one of our senses? huhu! we just can feel how valuable are they when we lose them! if you think that money is more important why don't you just sell your eyes to a blind person for RM1 million each eye so that you can gain a lot of money from there. sigh~

6th thing : Health
if we have a billion of money but we don't have a good health, what will we do? of course we will spend all of our money to get the best treatment to recover rite? so that show how important the health rather than the money.

7th thing : Peace and freedom
does money can buy peace and freedom? if yes, why don't we buy some peace and freedom and give to the country that really need them like Palestine. huu~

8th thing : Family and friends
this is the precious thing that we don't want to lose. family and friends are really important for us, without them life will be meaningless. 

9th thing : Knowledge and skills
we need knowledge to build our skill. and with having a good knowledge we can have a good job and from that we can get the money. 

10th thing : Money and assets
at last, money comes. 

so after all those things above, do you think that money should be on the top of any of them? if so, that is your opinion. there is no right or wrong. this is my hierarchy based on my personal opinion. moral of the story is be grateful with what we have now and make use of it as efficient as we can.  money is important but then it wouldn't even a matter anymore when we die tomorrow, huhu! so don't obsess with money too much.
*waahh.. ayat per tah aku wuat nie, layan jer key* thanks for reading, till the next post!  ;)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

weekend with sibs..


hye readers. last weekend i went out with my sibs (elder+younger bro). it was great to spend time with them even though i am the only girl among them. hehe. we decided to watch movie at big cinema, alor setar mall. (kat aloq setaq xdak gsc! xdak tgv! tp big cinema pown not bad okey) so, we watched "Kurafat" a malay movie directed by Shamsul Yusof, the son of Yusof Haslam. it is a horror movie. "Kurafat" begins with Johan, a young man working as an assistant in a government hospital. He is a married man who has a wife named Aishah. the newlyweds are leading a peaceful life when suddenly the find themselves besieged by a weird creature. the presence of a mysterious old woman, together with the sudden emergence of Johan's ex-gf Anna, add to the mystery. Anna is always disturbing Johan even though she knows Johan is now with Aishah. the ending is quite tragic, huhu! want to know more? go and watch this movie.. sigh~ ;)

after finished watching movie, we went to a bakery and grab something to be eaten. *wuat alas pewut sebelum sampai umah* hehe! i really enjoy on that day because i didn't spend a penny of money from my own pocket. haha.. thanks along! mmg syg anda lebey lahhh.. :p *tp mmg tgh xdak duet pown skang* huu~

muka happy dpt kuar jalan2.. weee~

photographer : acik yg slaluw snap pix x jd.. haha!

moral of the story, do spend ur time with ur own family since it is the best and great moment that u ever have! I LOVE MY FAMILY VERY MUCH!!

p/s : nie first time tgk movie dgn my brothers. hehe!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The journey..


The journey! mmg nak gempak jer title blog nie. tp story die x gempak mne pown. sorry..~
actually, i just want to share with u guys about the journey of a petite n captivating girl (gle, pasan!) during her long long long long holidays. hehe! (kisah idop sy laa 2) since i have a very ample time to REST before pursuing my study, instead of working (part time) i have decided to take an intensive English class (which focus more on communication). but it is just only for a month, until this 27th of Jan. so for the next month onwards, what should i do?? full time housewife? still single, x bley jd housewife lg.. hmm.. it's better to think about it later! sigh~

back to the topic, i want to story about my habit after finished the class. hehe!
tepat jam 1 tgh hari (kadang2 tak tepat sangat pown), sy dengan pantas dan tangkas bangun cpt2, say thanks to the teacher n bye2 ckit trus jalan dengan penuh sopan sutun turun bawah g tempat parking keta, start the engine and bkak radio sesedap rasa and start driving with bissmillah+doa naek kenderaan. (perlu ker cite sume step2 tue? huhu) then, part yg paling best ialah asal on the way balik jer mst pewut bunyi2, klu balik umah mmg confirm makanan xder sbb xder sape kat umah 2. sume g skolah and keje. huhu! so untuk menampung pewut yg berjoget2 ala zapin nie, sy sgt2 ske singgah kat tesco g bli big apple donut.. nyummmy~ but i prefer rather than big apple. (kat aloq setaq nie xdak, so layan jer laa apple pown) rse cm dah slaluw sangat balik singgah tesco smata2 utk bli donut, smpai cashier 2 pown dah knal per.. huu~ 

x byk pown bli, 2 jer.. ckup laa utk pewut yg keciq molek nie kn.. :p

taarraaa~ my fav! vanila strawberry and oreo.. :D

muka penat+lapor+mengantok! *dah mcm donut dah rupe*

however, td der ter"grab" something selain drpd donut yg cumey 2. hehe! jennggggg3..~

cooler pad for my lappy. look so childish kn with all those kitties. haha! cumey la~ 

yeahhh.. baru laa matching kn.. pinky2~ ;)

seeeeee.. der lampu sgala bagai.. *jakun* hehe!

kinda messy rite? huu.. later sy kemas yea..

cumey x?? cumey x?? hehe! motif post nie actually nak cite bout my habit yg ske g bli donut, tp ari nie niat terpesong ckit sbb terbeli bnd laen skali. next time nak g carik headphone or earphone hello kitty plak, baru la complete kn? wink2~ so sampai cnie jer laa kot.. thanx for reading my blog.. till da next post.. tke cre guys.. tata~ ;)

Friday, January 14, 2011



"One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can't utter."

agak2 per kes yea i put that quote?? huhu.. actually x tahu gak kenapa.. knapa yea? hmm.. lately nie rsa cm x sdap ati jer.. resah gelisah.. x dpt nak d gmbarkn dgn kta2.. gagagaga~ hyperbola lbey plak kn.. hehe!!
tah laa, maybe sbb pikiaq byk sgt kot.. weee.. bajet cm PM plak kn, nak kena pikiaq segala bagai.. huhu! lma sgt dowk umah kot..  that's why otak pown kacau kn.. bkn jiwa jer bley kacau okey.. hahaha.. key la, dah xtaw nak cita cmna so undur diri dlu yea.. smga Allah memberikan ketenangan utk diri ini.. 

tata~ ;)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thank you internet!


the internet is scary
the internet is fun 
the internet is the place, i met my special "one". :)
it has been a year since our last met
have gone by very fast
so many hours we spent online
each telling of our past. :)

the miles that lay between us
seem to be so few
one click upon a button and there I am with you. :)

as time goes by
I can't see you stand right beside me
I can't see you right in front of me
but somehow, I know you're there. 

thank you internet! :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Dia yang bernama Cinta

Ya Allah,
kurniakan lah aku cinta-Mu..
kurniakan kepadaku cinta orang yang cinta kepada-Mu..

Ya Allah,
kurniakan lah cinta apa sahaja yang menghampirkan cinta aku kepada cinta-Mu Ya Allah..
semoga cinta Allah itu lebih kita dambakan lebih daripada seteguk air..

 gambar hiasan.. :D

p/s : title kat ats x bley blah kn.. hehe! renung2 kn dan selamat beramal.. :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

visiting the sick..

salam frenz...

yesterday, i went to visit my old fren who had gone through an operation. she got problem with her ovary. huhu! pity on her.. the doctor said, there was nothing he can do except by removing that infected ovary. if not, her ovary will burst and it will become worst. luckily, only one ovary needed to be removed. alhamdulillah, she's doing fine. i don't know much about this disease so after came back from visiting her, i had searched through google what is actually "TWISTED OVARY". huhu! sounds scary rite gurls??

here are some information that i like to share with u guys about this disease :

The term “twisted ovary” describes an ovary which has twisted on itself, cutting off its own blood supply. It usually involves the Fallopian tube and ovary but it may involve the ovary alone. It can occur in women of all ages, but approximately 70-75% of cases occur in women under 30 years old. About 20% of all reported cases of twisted ovary are in pregnant women. Ovarian torsion usually arises in only one ovary at a time. But it can occur in both normal or enlarged ovaries and fallopian tubes, and occasionally develops in both. 

The signs and symptoms associated with twisted ovary are variable and nonspecific. Most patients present with severe lower abdominal and pelvic pain, nausea, and vomiting. The differential diagnosis could include appendicitis, gastroenteritis, ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease, and ruptured corpus luteum. Among adolescents, hemorrhagic ovarian cysts must also be considered. Laboratory tests are not helpful, because most signs and symptoms of ovarian torsion can be associated with leukocytosis. Ovarian torsion may also be a rare complication of IVF treatment. The overall risk is about 0.2%.

If not treated early enough the twisted ovary may die (gangrene). Treatment is surgery to untwist the ovary and even removing it sometimes. Laparoscopy is the gold standard for making the diagnosis and may allow treatment. If diagnosis is delayed, the torsion can worsen and cut off arterial blood flow into and venous blood flow out of the ovary. This results in necrosis (death) of the ovarian tissue. Delayed diagnosis can also result in problems when trying to conceive due to infertility.
While twisted ovary is an emergency and needs to be treated with urgent surgery, the ideal option is to maintain good general health and keep the internal organs in ship-shape condition. This can be done by consulting with a holistic medicine practitioner. He will take into consideration your physical condition, evaluate your emotional and mental health and line up a protocol for you to follow. This is effective and absolutely safe.

it would be great if we can take a prevention by having a healthy life style. insyaallah, we can avoid it. and lastly, i pray for my fren, hope that she will get well  very soon and can continue her study as usual. amin! u are such a very strong person gurl.. i can't imagine if  i was in the same situation as u.. i don't think i can be that strong.. huu~

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jom Join!! 1st Giveaway Princess of Pink

Salam readers,

owh.. i've been tagged to join this cute contest by my cutey fren Fatin Nashwah.. ;)


organized by Miss Aisyah

and i would like to tag my pinky2 frens :
last thing is the pictures for this contest, my pinky stuff... ;)

my insanity.. :D

school stuff.. ;)

adorable one! lappy and headphone.. ;)

my pinky babe.. <3

mereka2 adalah sebahagian dprd idop sy.. ;)

DONE!!! thanx for visiting.. teheee~
p/s : i joined this contest just for fun, win or lose is not a matter.. so, to all my frens which had been tagged, if u guys interested do come n join this contest. yg x d tag pown if berminat sila lah yea.. still got time to join.. ;)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Prosit Neujahr! ;)

Hello 2011 n salam 1 Malaysia.. :p

jap, before kte mngarot pjg, kowg phm x per mkne title kat ats 2? klu x phm google tranlate yea.. hehe! :D

okey, i'm so honored to tell u guys that this is my 1st entry for this newly born year 2011. (poyo x ayat?) hehe!
i do did my wish list for this 2011. Its like we open the new book, its pages are blank and we are going to put words on them ourselves. the book is called "OPPORTUNITY'' and its 1st chapter is New Year's Day! grrrrr.. per bnd tah aku ngarot nie.. sowey~ :p 

My W.I.S.H.L.I.S.T

 >> I wanna be a very2 good daughter to my beloved parents, a better person for others and also become the best student for me myself.

>> I wish that i won't hurt anyone, and will only HEART ONE.

>> My priority is STUDY! hope to achieve all my dream. to finish my degree, get the ACCA and maybe master and also phd.. insyaallah.. (but now still mnjd penganggur yg berjaya yea) :p

I still have much more wishes but those above are in the top ranking. teheee~

owh, before i forget, just now i baked "something" as a new year dessert. it supposed to be like that but then i turned it into disaster, hahaha!

presenting, my 1st try homemade Puding Caramel, jeng3~

hahaha.. SILA JGN GELAK! :p 

agak2 nie kn, klu bakal mak mentua tgk mst kne reject awal2.. pity on me.. tssskkk~
hasil kat ats 2 menunjukkn bhawa sy mmg x layak utk kawen lg, hahaha! tp klu der makcik2 yg still bkenan nak amik jd menantu gak mmg sgt terharu lah.. *sigh*
but to be frank, it still taste good okey even look kind of messy there.. huhu! normal la 2 kot, 1st try kn.. next time i'll bake it gloriously okey.. ;) sape2 yg tingin nak rse sdap or x sila laa dtg kat umah yea, tp dah nak abih dah nie pown.. mndpt smbutan rmai.. hehe!

okey laa, I stop here, dah x larat nak mngarot. wishing u guy Happy New Year and good luck in ur future undertaking. may this new year bring no tear to any eye..^_~

till da next post. take care!!!