Tuesday, January 18, 2011

weekend with sibs..


hye readers. last weekend i went out with my sibs (elder+younger bro). it was great to spend time with them even though i am the only girl among them. hehe. we decided to watch movie at big cinema, alor setar mall. (kat aloq setaq xdak gsc! xdak tgv! tp big cinema pown not bad okey) so, we watched "Kurafat" a malay movie directed by Shamsul Yusof, the son of Yusof Haslam. it is a horror movie. "Kurafat" begins with Johan, a young man working as an assistant in a government hospital. He is a married man who has a wife named Aishah. the newlyweds are leading a peaceful life when suddenly the find themselves besieged by a weird creature. the presence of a mysterious old woman, together with the sudden emergence of Johan's ex-gf Anna, add to the mystery. Anna is always disturbing Johan even though she knows Johan is now with Aishah. the ending is quite tragic, huhu! want to know more? go and watch this movie.. sigh~ ;)

after finished watching movie, we went to a bakery and grab something to be eaten. *wuat alas pewut sebelum sampai umah* hehe! i really enjoy on that day because i didn't spend a penny of money from my own pocket. haha.. thanks along! mmg syg anda lebey lahhh.. :p *tp mmg tgh xdak duet pown skang* huu~

muka happy dpt kuar jalan2.. weee~

photographer : acik yg slaluw snap pix x jd.. haha!

moral of the story, do spend ur time with ur own family since it is the best and great moment that u ever have! I LOVE MY FAMILY VERY MUCH!!

p/s : nie first time tgk movie dgn my brothers. hehe!

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