Friday, December 31, 2010

Kau pergi jua... tssssskkkk~

salam readers..

Tragis x baca title post kali nie?? hehe.. sje jer wuat gempak.. it's actually 2010 year in review! (per kaitan laa aku nie, adoiii~) haha.. i think, this gonna be my last post for this lovely year 2010.. sob3~ cdey knon2 nye, jmpe lg keyta d taun hdpn yea, which is TOMORROW! gagagaga.. gedix wuat cdey2.. teeheeee~

hmm.. actually nothing much i want to write. Got no idea laa d tgh2 mlm yg dingin sejuk berangin nie.. tp mata nie x reti2 lg nak tdo.. grrrr... so i just want to share with u guys some part that happened in my life during this year.

1st thing yg cm agak sayu ckit is, sending my favourite ONE at KLIA. On 8th Jan he flew up2 and away to Germany. huu~

nie time g hantar die terbang tinggi2 kat awan 2.. :p

then 2nd thing is i got my new PINKY2 lappy.. yeaaa..!! dah xpyah gne lappy yg sopan lg santun 2.. hehe! thanx mama n abah.. heart both of u more.. <3 <3

PINK is my passion.. teheee~ ;)

3rd thing is i went to Medan, Indonesia with my peeps for a short holidays. Thanx to Iman NurAdibah and her family for the hospitality and warmly welcome. Next time sy pegi lg yea.. hehe!

kat area umah Iman, Malibu Indah kot.. dah lpe dah name die, hehe!

4th thing is i got new teddy during my 20th birthday.. weee~ thanx to Sara.. dah 2 kali ko kasik teddy as my birthday present, hehe! but i always love it.. ;)

presenting u guys : my girgirl.. cumey kn?? ;)

last but not least, is my LIONZIE dah berumur setaun.. hehe!! dah besor dah die, rmbut pown makin cacak2.. dah lme x g trim, buzy2~ :p

nsome x?? hehe! ingt nak g carikkn bju utk die, tp x jmpe2 lg.. huu~ ari 2 dah jmpe bju utk teddy tp byk utk teddy yg girl jer, utk teddy boy x cumey sgt.. next time g carik lg.. ;)

time nak posing kte bg die machoo2 ckit, slaluw comot jer nie sbb asyik kne penyet time tdo.. hehe! sowey~ :p

yeaaahh.. dats all a little bit about part of things that happened in my life during this 2010. (klu nak cite sume mmg xmmpu laa kn, huu) I hope next year gonna be much better than this year. Insyaallah. 
Wishing u guys a lovely n happy new year! MAY ALLAH BRIGHTEN UP OUR FUTURE.. ;)


ciK mEiNa said...

hehe..harap azam thun bru aten utk tahun 2011 t'capai..amin: )

ateen fiqah said...

thanx sweety.. ;)
insyaallah.. amin!

Siti Nur Izzaty said...

sweet memory! :)