Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thank you internet!


the internet is scary
the internet is fun 
the internet is the place, i met my special "one". :)
it has been a year since our last met
have gone by very fast
so many hours we spent online
each telling of our past. :)

the miles that lay between us
seem to be so few
one click upon a button and there I am with you. :)

as time goes by
I can't see you stand right beside me
I can't see you right in front of me
but somehow, I know you're there. 

thank you internet! :)


ciK mEiNa said...

hehe..i like this post miss german: )

ateen fiqah said...

maa kcih.. ;)

AChiK said...

hehehe. awat xboh gambaq real. haha

ateen fiqah said...

xbley laa, stg pemes sgt.. :D