Sunday, July 3, 2011

viel glück.. ;)


(from google search)

I pray to Allah to give you the strength to handle the pressure that you feel,
I pray to Allah to give you the confidence to feel secure in your knowledge and preparation,
and also to give you the ability to keep an appropriate perspective on it all.
may He help you to keep in your mind what is really important so that everything will run smoothly during that time.

HE is there for you EVERYTIME and EVERYWHERE. :)

so good luck and do your best!
FIGHTING!!! hehe.. ;)

p/s : this post is actually to someone who will be sitting for the examination soon. verrrrryyy sooon. so i just give him some motivational inspiration. hope that this would help. teheeee~ :D (eh2, sy dah terer ckp german. haha)


gg_selamber said...

sehr hilfreich (seyes nieh gne google translator,haha)
*sendiri blaja,sendiri tataw

ateen fiqah said...

bitte..~ :)