Tuesday, July 19, 2011

semi-final interview..


hye there!! i just had Maybank Scholarship phone interview done. My interview was schedule at 11 a.m (i think i already mention about it in my previous post). this was my first time i had a scholarship interview over the phone. it was about 15 mins long. (short jer kot) huhu.. 

well, an officer from maybank called up at about 11.15 a.m, a little bit than the schedule time. wuwuwu.. dah laa nervous, dia boleh plak x punctual. owh. the officer is a Chinese guy, and he very soft spoken. kurang ckit nervous 2.. hik3~
the 1st question he asked was " is it okey i call you now?"
and i told him, "sure, i've been preparing for the call since 15 mins ago" -.-

so it began with introducing about my personal background and also my education background.

then, he asked about my course and why i choose to study at the that university.
after that i need to explain a little bit about current issue of Malaysia economic. huhu! actually i already expect that question, but i still can't explain vividly. huhuhuhuhuhuhu! he also asked about Maybank background and their vision. 

next, it kicked off by asking my greatest strength and weakness! 
wohhhooo.. terlupa plak aku nak mengkaji apa kekuatan dan kelemahan diri ini. hehe! *goreng2* :D

there were many more questions, but i already forgot. tehheeeee~
(sorry, short-term memory lost) *_*

before the interview session ended, he asked me if i've anything to add or any queries.
i said, "if you don't mind, may i know how many candidates will be awarded for this scholarship?" he answer, "oh, there will be only 25 candidates." pffffttt.. (dlm hati, layak ker x aku nie??) ;(

but suddenly, he asked me to wait for a minute. then, taraaaaaaaa.. good news, ALHAMDULILLAH i passed my 1st interview and will be attending the final one next week on 27th. it's gonna be a face-to-face interview with individual presentation and also group presentation too.. huhu!

so need to struggle harder and hoping for the better one in that final interview. 

once again, alhamdulillah.. praise and thank to ALLAH. :)



:: fatin nashwah :: said...

congratez sygs!!
melangkah maju setapak lg~
chaiyok3!!! ;D

ateen fiqah said...

thanx my dear for the prayer..
i'll do my best! ;)

ena meina said...

conrats aten..
nh yg utk mmu 2uh ek?

ateen fiqah said...

thanx darl~ ;)