Wednesday, February 2, 2011

tata unna.. huk3~


this evening i went to visit my old friend, cik Husna Azman who is going to New Zealand middle of this month for 2 years to pursue her study. huhu.. gonna miss u much unna.. she used to be my dorm-mate(time f4 and f5) when i was in SAINA (my primary school). we have a great time together. laughing, gossiping (harus!), sharing new and old stories while waiting for the other friends to arrive. around 6.00 p.m and above bwu laa si gadis2 2 smpai.. wuuu.. owg sudah mau pulang bwu anda2 nie smpai.. manyak lama kitowg tnggu ooo.. hehe! sudah menjadi kemestian apabila berjumpa gmbar perlulah ditangkap byk2 yea.. ;)

sampai2 jer trus makan.. laapporr benor yea!

from left : dzuha, ena, leha (bkn nama sebenar) and me.. :)

the prisoners! hehe.. :p

posing kat motor cumey sosor, hehe! 
bak kata sosor : hmpa jgn hina nah moto yg byk berjasa kat aku nie.. haha!

G.A.D.I.S.C.A.N.T.E.K *pasan ckit xpe kn* :p

nie laa cik unna kte yg akan terbang 2.. :)

dear unna, wishing you best of luck and do take care of yourself wherever you are. jgn notty2 taw, hehe! akanku ingt pesan kamu itu, "hmpa suma jgn kawen lg dlm masa 2 taun nie taw, tnggu aku blk dlu". haha! mmg terbaek pnya pesanan. lurve you buddy.. wink2~ ^_~

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