Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mom's birthday..


this post i dedicate to my dearest one, PUAN HJH SOFIAH BINTI LAZIM, my beloved mama. :)

dear mama,
on ur birthday i celebrate you being you, my extraordinary mother.

ur birthday means much to me,
to have you in my life another year,
the time i spend enfolded in ur love,
each day, each moment with you is so dear. 

on ur birthday I wish you joy,
just like you pass around,
may all ur good times multiply,
and happiness abound. 

i celebrate the best thing about my life,
having you as my mother.

me and mama.. ^_~

each year i'm extra happy on ur birthday,
your day reminds me of Allah's gift to me,
a mom who gave her all to rise me right,
a mother like the one i want to be. :)

thank you Mama!
and Happy Birthday!!!
Love you so mucccchhhhhh~

p/s : poem nie hasil tambah tolak darab bahagi dr sumber2 yg best.. hehe~


fara said...

hepi bufday mama! :)
u got such a great daugther here..!

ateen fiqah said...

thanx sis.. muaahhhh~ :D

Siti Nur Izzaty said...

happy birthday to ur mama, ateyn.
may ALLAH bless her always..^__^

ateen fiqah said...

thanx zaty.. ;)