Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mabrouk Egypt !


sari berita utama. (over) :p
million Egyptian rejoice after their president, Husni Mubarak has resigned from his post, ending 30-year grip on the largest Arab nation. Husni hand over power tp the Supreme Council for the Armed Forces. Omar Suleiman, the vice-president announced in television, Husni Mubarak has left the office and he is no longer president of Egypt. the crowd responded to Suleiman's statement by chanting "we have brought down the regime". 

the crowd! thousand of them in several cities.

so, what will happen next??
much depends on how the supreme council of the armed forces will structure the task ahead. the military already said, it will not accept the legitimacy of the state meaning it has no intention of maintaining power for the long term. 

egypt's revolution. 

last but not least, congrats to Egyptian in this historic day. The pro-democracy demonstrators have shown extraordinary courage, showing up to strive for the freedom even though they knew they could be killed, as far too many indeed were. the grand and difficult of rebuilding Egypt will begin. again i would like to say my depest congratulation to the people of Egypt. ^_~

p/s : sumber dr news in television and also through news on9. :)


Siti Nur Izzaty said...

i like this post! hehe~ and i've safely arrived at malaysia..=)

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