Saturday, December 4, 2010

my insanity..

I wish to have :

>> YOU.. ;)
>> new jeans + new clothes
>> new accessories + new bags
>> new watch
>> new pair of flat shoes and heels 
>> a brand new digital camera, PINK in color (klu der owg nak sponsor dslr pown okey gak) hehe..

Ooooohhh gosh.. so many things that i want.. do i need to check my budget first?? weee.. ($.$) hope i can grab all these things during this coming MEGA SALE.. haha!! i HOPE.. :p 

Somehow it makes me wonder, why we still want all those latest fashion and so forth? we know, if we die tomorrow all these things not event matter anymore.. am i right?? *_*

p/s : da 1st "thing" in da list, YOU is not available at any MEGA SALE in any mall around the world. so i've no idea where i can find HIM.. >.<

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