Saturday, December 25, 2010

Family Vacation.. *part 2* ;)

ALOHA... hehe!!

this is the second post about my family vacation.. in my previous post, i wrote about our vacation in langkawi.. (cm byk sgt jer laa aku tulis kn, heee) so in this entry, gonna be about vacation in KL.. not so vacation because the main reason we went to KL is to take my transcript.. (yeay, dah dpt full result sume, dah bley start mencari2 scholar/sponsor) :D

we've been to i-city, shah alam.. the LIGHTS WONDERLAND!!! *excited* 
explore in i-city.. 

it has been declared as the largest led trees display in Malaysia..

i was very eager to see how nice it is.. weee~ cantek kn?? ;)

twinkle2 little cutie star.. love it!! 

instead of stroll around here and there, shopPINK is a MUST! gagaga~  :p
but nothing much that can be grabbed.. huhu!! (tnggu laa kaya2 ckit lg.. haha)

dah bosan carik kasut, so snap pix dlu.. hehe!! :D

dah pnat jln2/window shopPINK, minum dlu yea ilangkn dahaga.. hehe!

and now, i already safely arrived at my sweety home.. ;) 
ibetter stop here , no more idea to continue my "mengarot" session.. till da next post readers.. thank you for visiting and reading my blog.. kamsanmida!! ;)

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