Sunday, December 18, 2011

say hello to kitty!!!! ;)


today i just went to pavilion AGAIN, haha!
but with one mission 

actually i found all those stuff last week at TANGS Pavilion KL but then felt hesitate to buy them. everything is sooooo cute and i just can't take them out of my mind until i decided to go back to Pavi and bought them. 

yeay!!! feel so satisfied on buying these adorable things. teheeee~
(tdoq lena dah lepas nie) :D

hello kitty shower gel, hello kitty shower n lotion (small size) and hello kitty lotion

weeee... my collection is increasing :D

thanx to my friends fiqa n ena sebab sudi teman si keciq cumey molek nie kuar semata2 nak beli hello kitty nie jer, hahaha! sayang kowg lebihhhhhh! ^_^

left, ena. right, fiqa :)

tokyo street level 6, Pavilion KL

merry Christmas, hohoho :p

giant bears outside Pavi. auuuummmm~


that is all for now.
lets get back to the right track.
final exam is just around the corner. grrrrrr~

toddles~ :))

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