Saturday, December 10, 2011

LEP Night 2011 :)


LEP Night is Language Enhancement Program Night.
It comprise of arabic, english and also bahasa. Briefly explain, it is a language competition among all uia students whether in gombak, pj or nilai.
so on Wednesday night was the closing and prize giving ceremony. i'm one of the contestant, hahaha! (betuah sgt aku nak masuk kn) i'm only one of the committees. I represented as protocol committee. ehem2~ 
ushering the VVIP tawww~ :D

here are some photos during the night.
do enjoy~

"labeling" task

after done with the work, went back to mahallah to prepare for the night event

ehem2~ ustazah pilihan yg x berapa nak terpilih! :p
theme color for the night were purple and black ;)

affiqah and afiqah :))

fida, atin najwa, fiqa and ateen fiqah :)

from the left : Kak Fiza(team leader), me and fiqa again 

-gigantic family-
good job everyone!!!! ;)

spot the pink one, lari tema. hehe!
we went crazy after all the hard work. *_*
(tp xda laa crazy mna sgt pown)

purple everywhere!!! 

for reading and visiting :D

have a nice weekend peeps~ 

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