Sunday, October 24, 2010

me being 20!!

Salam readers.. ;)

Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah.. I'm still breathing until now (dah 20 taun). Thank You Allah!

Being 20 is not too old okey.. umur yg meningkat bukan bermakna keyta dah tua yea, but we become more mature.. hehe!! :)) For my birthday, i got some present.. weeee~ ^_^

On 22nd of October, i had received a SPECIAL DELIVERY from Mr. Germany.. wink2~ but he warned me not to open it yet until the day of my birthday which is today.. so tepat jam 12 tgh mLm td, dgn excited nye membkak.. Jeng3.. the ''things'' inside it are..

- LOVE letter@story, is it??? hehe! it's based on the true story yea. luv it so muchhhhh!
- Puzzle ( i just took about 5 min to solve it, hehe! hebat x??) :p

even it just a simple puzzle, but it means a lot to me. trillion of thanx to my dear honey bunny, Mr Germany.. ;)

Oooppppsssssss.. he also made a cute n sweet video record for my birthday. Sgt2 terharu okey.. huu~ (but the video is private & confidential) heart you more dear~ ^_~

and then, sara (my rumate) gave me a cutie mutie PINKY teddy.. hehe!! super cute lorh this teddy.. thanx sara.. syg anda.. ;)

name : girgirl.. hehe!

lionzie, choby, chipmunk n shed dpt new family member.. 1 HAPPY FAMILY!

In addition(tetbe skema), Iman (my classmate merangkap jiran kat hostel nie) she gave me a telekung.. (i bid it from medan indonesia) because, her family staying there.. but she is truly m'sian yea.. hehe! maa kacih yea bu.. ;)
green = nature colour ;)

Last but not least, a gift from my little cutie cousin.. so sweet laa kanak2 ini.. hehe! thanx syg..

frame gambo yg pinky2.. i likeeeeee!! ;)

I think that's all for now.. anyway, a bunch of thanx for all my friends yg ingt my birthday and yg sudi wish either through fb or via phone msg.. really appreciate that! may Allah bless all of you.. have a great day!!! tke cre~ :)


ciK mEiNa said...

hehe..bkn tua tp matured
tol gak 2uh..;)
nice ak sume leh?haha
just joking..:D

ateen fiqah said...

haha.. mne bley bg ko..
klu nak g mtk kat abg din.. :p