Sunday, October 10, 2010


10 OCTOBER 2010 = 10.10.10

what a very super duper NICE date!!! huu~ 

I wish that I can have something awesome today.. but then I ruined it! I broke my anklet. huuu.. my bad.. i didn't do it purposely.. :(( straightly call my mum and told her about that.. (nak mtk simpati sbnrnye) weee.. My mum asked me to go to the "kedai emas" to fix it.. hmm.. kat mne plak laa nak cari kdai mas kn.. huu~ MALAS! MALAS! MALAS! tnggu bLk umah jer laa nnt.. (wondering, when i will go back haa??) warggghhh... lmbt lg maa.. tssskkkkkkkkk~ *_*

p/s : if anyone nak tlg btulkn my anklet or nak tLg BELIKN yg baru pown okey gak, just let me know.. hehe! :p

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