Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Like, Love, and Adore..

I'm so going to have this kind of dress. First time I saw it had been wore by Liyana Jasmay during one event on tv. (forgot already what event it is) Design by Rizman Ruzaini. (search kat google, hehe!) Really hope to get one, just like this. So I had made a "plan" with my FRUIT HEART, saving the money to buy it in the future. Haha.. (time tue dah trend lain kot) Maybe I can get something similar, as long as it is cute and beautiful dress. wink2~ 

Another thing that I adore is this cute car. Don't know what type of car it is. It started when I just woke up from asleep and then dgn mamun nye going to have fresh air at the balcony from my hostel room. Next to my hostel, there is a STOR where lots of luxurious car had been placed before being sold. From the balcony, I saw this car and trus jatuh chenta. Hehe! It's so cute and small. (jimat ruang utk parking nNt) :D
I'll strive for this. 

This is the THING i adore most. An "alive teddy bear" which i really want to. Hehe... We had been apart since 8th JAN 2010, and I don't know until when. Maybe for 5 to 6 years. Huhu.. Pity on me. Hoping that he will be back as soon as possible so that I can go for "jalan2 tanpa arah tuju" with him again just like before. 
Really miss u.. :(

I think no more words to type. Thanx for reading.
Till the next post yeah...~ ;)

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