Friday, May 21, 2010

Student and examination just like “irama dan lagu”.

why students must take the exam?????
xbLey ker kLu just bLaja jer.. no need exam2 nie sume.. haha! (bahagia idOp kLu cmnie)

 brg2 yg slalu bkeliaran ats meja stdyku.. ;)

My mid-term exam starts tomorrow. The schedule :

22nd May : BUSINESS LAW (lots of act need to memorize, adeh)

23rd May : TAXATION (ssh kOt)

24th May : INTRODUCTION TO TAKAFUL (again, reading subject.. huu)

This sem, short sem. So just 3 subject only but then need to cover all the syllabus just in 3 month.. HECTIC gLe!! (cian otak den) :(

One more thing, after finish my last paper on 24th, dah bLey baLik umah...
oOO... balik kg, ooO.. balik kg, hati GIRANG!!! lalalala~


Hmm.. i think dats all for this time. End with saLam..

p/s : pray for my success yea. tq! ;)