Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rejuvenate yourselves ;)


Hello 2011 2012!!!
my first entry in this wonderful new year ^_^
i know its quite late to wish you guys a very happy new year but yeah, I still wanna do the wish! tehee~
hope you guys have a blissful new year key. insyaallah :)

okey, back to the topic. currently i'm on a semester break. *senorok2* :D
balik aloq setaq terchentaaaaaaaaa~ 
i just wanna share with you guys on how to indulge your body and skin. instead of going to spa, we just can do it at our home sweet home. *jimat oii jimat* 

by making 
homemade body scrub
and homemade face mask

ingredients for body scrub
1. uncooked rice

2. honey (the raw one yea)

actually, this is a traditional method kn? i bet mostly dah penah dengar cara nie. you just soak the rice with water. then goreng smpai nmpk keperang-perangan ckit. dah siap goreng, biar ianya sejuk dulu baru blend smpai halus. after that just take about 2 tbls of the rice powder td and mix kan dia with 2 tbls of honey. dah siap! boleh laa rub them on your skin. but make sure your skin is moist when apply it on and no need to use soap after scrubbing your body.
very simple kan? rajin dengan tak jer, hehe! insyaallah akan dapat a very soft skin like a newborn baby. ahak~ ;)

ingredients for face mask plak
 2 tbls of honey
2 tbls of fresh milk
 dutch lady pown bolehhh, hehe!

(depend laa pada kowg nak byk mne key, not a matter pown actually) :D

step nye, mix jer all the ingredients then apply evenly all over your face and let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes.
wash off with warm water yea. done!!

the skin becomes soft, smooth and firm!
Try it. It really works. hehe.

till the next post~
have a great day!
tata~ ;)

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