Friday, May 6, 2011

21 candles finally are here..


how very fast the time has flown
someone is turning 21 today.. hehe!
(ekot time malaysia yea)

this brings a birthday greeting
and a wish for nothing less than good luck in the future
and special happiness.

sweet greeting from a sweet person.. gagagagaga~ :p

presenting >>>> birthday boy!!

jgn marah taw sy culik n edit pix kamu tnpa kebenaran! ;p
cumey kn?? hehe!

last but not least,
ur birthday cake.. eh2, cup cakes actually.. 

nie artificial jer laa.. nak yg real tnggu sy terer wuat cup cakes plak yea.. ;)

21 candles finally are here
(tp xder cake so candles nye pown x nmpk laa yea) :D
a bit more mature, mind fairly clear,
path in making future career. good luck in whatever you do!!
so, happy birthday to you..
may all your birthday wishes come true!!
have a blast dear~

with all my love on your 21st birthday.. ^_^
may Allah bless you!

p/s : kpd birthday boy, get ready utk bkak sampul yg berlambak 2 nnt.. hehe!


:: fatin nashwah :: said...

epi besday prince charming ateen ;D

ena meina said...

hepy bufday azizi ; )

~..wawa ✿ ieda..~ said...

comel yg ada telinga rabbit 2..hahahaha~~ :P

ateen fiqah said...

thanx yea.. wakil tuan nye badan.. :D

wawa : hehe.. kn?? aku pown ske yg rabbit 2.. kui3~