Saturday, April 23, 2011



feel soo down right now, but i just don't want to give up!!!

just leave it to HIM...

only HE knows better........

Ya Allah, please ease me the way..
make me to be strong enough to face all those unpredictable things..

I'm just hoping for the best but I will prepare for the worst...


may Allah Most High grand me and also you my dear friends success and happiness in this world and the next, and may He guides and bless us in our return journey to Him. Amen!



ena meina said...

aten nape?story2 lah..
sabr ek aten.. ; )

ateen fiqah said...

actually xder per sgt..
maybe sbb terlalu meletak harapan yg tinggi..
nie regarding scholarship.. yg dpt feedback sume negative.. huhu! so cm frust laa ckit.. :(

:: fatin nashwah :: said...

ololo...jgn cdey2 dear

ateen fiqah said...

hehe.. xcdey..
cuma frust+kucewa+risau jer..
byk plak emosi kn.. hehe! tp 2 laa..
if klu dah mmg bkn rezeki nak wuat cmne kn..
just leave it to Him.. :) said...

singgah bc n3 d sini...

singgah2 la disini