Sunday, March 27, 2011

What do i have...


actually x taw nak update per. sedang berangan2 kat dlm bilik kn, maka terbelek2 laa benda2 alah yg der kat atas meja solek 2. (solek sgt ker?? meja semak der la) hoho~ so tersa cm nak tulis about what do i have for treating my skin yg agak sensitive ini.

1st thing is : Apricot Cleansing Mousse 

ingredients : apricot kernel extract and vitamin E
product of : Nutrimetics

ianya sgt sesuai utk teenage skin, boys pown bley pkai yea.. ;)
start pakai bnd alah nie dr standard 6 smpai laa skang. x pnah tukar2, setia pada yg 1! fuyooo~ :p

2nd thing is : Bio Oil
uses : scars, stretch marks, pregnancy stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging skin, and dehydrated skin.

since i do have a problem regarding the dehydrated skin, so bio oil is the best solution. cewwwaaahhh~ promote gle, cm dpt payment jer wuat cmnie.. huhu! alhamdulillah, its really work! thanx bio-oil!!!! ;) 
kowg letak laa kat seluruh bdn 2 or area2 yg terjejas 2, insyaallah sgt effective yea. nak mnd ngan bnd alah nie pown bley, letak jer laa beberapa titisan nye kat dlm air yg nak gna utk mnd 2 then mnd cam biasa x pyah niat cm mnd wajib pown.. gagaga~

3rd thing is : gel gamat(sea cucumber)

ingredients : purified gamat extract, methylparaben, carbomer, allantoin, green tea extract, and deionized water. 

it can protect our skin against the harmful environment agents, leaving the skin firm, supple and smooth. ( tp skin ku in x seberapa mna pown) :p it is also believe to help enhance the healing of wound, insect bite and ulcer. but, i use it when there is pimple on my face. ske2 ati aku jer kn, but alhamdulillah sgt menjadi sbb pimple 2 akan disappear without any scars. jgn plak dowk g picit2 jerawat 2, mmg x jd laa kn.. hoho~ 

4th thing is : silky white lightening pressed powder

the answer to flawless and more translucent skin! (depa laa kta) :p

5th thing is : Lip ice sheer color

 strawberry flavor!! nyummy~ hehe!

it is a unique color changeable lipbalm and it will change our lips into PINK! :D

last but not least, the result from using all those things above
jeng jeng jeng!!!!!!!! 

muka sape tah, cm mintak penampaq jer.. hahaha! :p
(tnpa sebarang edit2 yea, cuma cahaya jer kot cm over ckit) 

sekian, wassalam!
thanx coz sudi baca post yg tah pape nie, huu~

p/s : nie jer bnd2 alah yg dpkai kat muka, xder yg laen, xder make up2 segala bagai (x pnah kaji pown cmna nak pkai suma 2). hanya sekadar secalit bedak dan jga lip balm. *poyo*


ena meina said...

aten,bio oil hrge skung bper?hehe

ateen fiqah said...

die ekot saiz botol die..
yg cm dlm pix 2 bpe tah..
around 20 smthing kot.. lpe dah~ hehe!