Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Loitering around for 5 CONSECUTIVE days..

It has been so long I x "conteng2" kat blog nie.
So just wanna share short story about my activities during my 1st week holidays.

On Friday 25th JUNE, arrived at Sultan Abdul Halim airport at 9.45 p.m and fetched by my parents to home. It was very tiring day because after finished my last paper, I straight away go to LCCT and wait for 4 hours before depart. Huu~

On Saturday 26th JUNE, I went to Surya's house for her brother wedding. (g pown dah ptg sgt coz segan nak g awal2, hehe!) Her sis in-law very3 beautiful in the PINK + white + flower2 dress. So adorable. I LIKEEEE!!! But bLa cita kat my fruit heart die x excited as mine.. ceeehhhhhhh~ yoouuuu.. nNt I bLikn byk brg2 PINK for you.. biar mata kamu silau.. haha! :p

On Sunday 27th JUNE, just meet my old friends from SKAJ. It was so long we never been see each other. Although just 4 of us can make on that day but still enjoy sharing our long2 story and laughing all the time. (sakit perut2) :D
Thanx kak long, nadiah and iman for the memorable day.

 mereka rakan2 sy sejak kindergarten.. :)

On Monday 28th JUNE, went to Penang with my family to pick up my bro from his seminar. (pemalas nak bwk keta pak cik nie, haish~) Then, we had our lunch at Queens Bay Mall and window2 shopping there. After that, pulang ke rumahku syurgaku yea.. ;)

On Tuesday 29th JUNE, "berfoya" with my girls, asna, wahidah, and jannah at Center Square, Sungai Petani. We spent a great time together. Bowling, gossiping, eating, snapping pix and etc. etc.. hehe!

mereka adalah sahabat, love them so much!!!!

On Wednesday 30th JUNE, woke up in the morning, received text msg from dzuha asking me to accompany her shopping brg2 back to school @ uni, hehe! I told her that I've no transport but she said, no worries dear, we have driver. SHAM!! haha.. (rajin mamat nie tmn gurls shopping) Gewd2~ 
Thanx yea sham coz amik n antar aku pulang ngan selamat walaupown byk soklan2 cepumas yg hg tnya n x larat aku nak jwp. hee~ 

Thats all a little bit story during my 1st week holiday.
The End! till the next post yea.. tata~

p/s : dasyatkn ari2 kuar. hehe! after this dah x bLey kuar coz pocket dah kering.. :(

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