Sunday, August 21, 2011

My friends are my estate! ;)


it takes a long time to grow an old friend.
a hug is worth a thousand words. FRIENDS worth more.

the love of my life is the love between friends. :)

to have a true friend is the best thing to achieve. 

friendship should never be taken for granted! 

friendship is a hand to hold when things are so rough. 

BEST FRIENDS are like diamond, precious and rare!

owhhh.. this one was during iftar at pizza hut central square, SP. :)

the BEST antiques are old FRIENDS! ;)
p/s : we really enjoy our iftar, hehe!

friendship is like a flower
glowing in its glory
each and every seed
telling its own story.
as each flowers bloom
and continue to grow
more of its strength and knowledge
continues to show!



jannah jawani said...

i like diz very very very much!!sahabat untuk selamanya:))
btw aten, lgu blog aten sayu ja, sdeh ja!:)

ateen fiqah said...

yeahhh.. friend forever!!!
hehe.. kan?? lirik dia sgt best.. ;)

no name said...

Pergh ayt dy. Mcm poem dah aaa. Mana ang copy paste nie? =p

ateen fiqah said...

no name : aku xtaw hg sapa tp mcm nak kenai ja bunyi ayat hg 2.. hahaha! copy paste mna lg godek2 laa kat internet n dr sumber buku yg aku baca. hak3~ *saja nak habaq yg aku rajin membaca* :p

no name said...

Haha. Eleh. Mcm knai konon. Siapakah gerangan hamba yg hensom ini ?

ateen fiqah said...

hensom??? tetba aku trus xtaw sapa.. hahahahaha!