Sunday, August 1, 2010


what is the best definition for S.T.U.D.Y.????

this is what study is all about.. ;)

I use to do all those step except for the "U" step. Since there is no one to be sms, i can save my phone's credit RM10 for 3 month.. hehe!! (sgt bagus kn?) that one for CELCOM (prepaid), but for MAXIS (postpaid), my parents will settle for the bill.. :D (maka dgn itu maxis hnya dgnakn utk insan2 yg tersyg jer) ;)

hoho.. dah lari tajuk.. adeh~
okey back to the topic, if we follow all those step then the SUCCESS will also follow us from the behind. that's mean, there will be no BRIGHT for us in the future.. we need to turn back and start with the new vision mission to strive for the excellent which is in front of us. so, renung2kn dan selamat beramal.. :)

i stop here, till the next post yeahhh... salam!

p/s : actually tgh mencari mood utk stdy maka terhasilah post ini.. sma2 lah keyta muhasabah diri yea.. hehe!

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