Saturday, July 10, 2010

Little Egypt...

Little Egypt.. it's not about the Little Egypt Store yea..
This is about a GIFT from my BEST BUDDY yg dah lma sgt lost contact..
We used to be in the same primary school long time ago.. Her name is HAMIZAH HALIM.. ;)

Nak dijadikan cite, my mom dpt invitation card from her mother.. kad kenduri abg dia kawen.. :)
Then, my mom ajak laa i g sma2 but i refused coz baru jer lps mkn.. x taw pLak yg der kenduri ari nie.. n i also didn't expect yg miejah nie tgh cuti n bLk m'sia.. 2 yg mLs nak g 2.. huu~ but when my mom dah bLk dr umah kenduri 2 dia ckp kta der owg bg hadiah.. haish~ pelik nie.. owg g kenduri bg adiah kat bride, nie terbalik pLak.. tetamu yg dpt adiah.. hehe!!

nie laa adiah yg i dpt tue.. thanx miejah..~

She give me a box of dates.. sgt sedap yea, coz kat dLm kurma 2 diowg letak badam.. :)
then a key chain with the egypt's cat symbol.. n also two bookmarks.. sgt terharu okey.. huu~
If i know that she is here, of course i will go to that kenduri.. huhu!! x der rezeki nak jmpa.. nevertheless, she will be available in m'sia until raya.. so i still got chance to meet her.. really2 miss u girl..

anyway, thanx miejah for this adorable GIFT.. actually not about the gift itself, but it's about the value of our friendship.. although we had been lost in contact for a very2 long time, i always remember you.. smpai termimpi2 okey.. berkali2 pLak 2.. hehe!! heart you much my dear friend.. ^_^ 

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